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CIO weekly wrap-up: Super Bowl technology and Google's advertising

Super Bowl Sunday was yesterday, so let the Monday-morning quarterbacking begin! The turning point in the game was the Saints’ decision to go for that onsides kick at the beginning of the second half, yes? I don’t think the Colts ever recovered.

I imagine dissecting the Super Bowl is top of mind for many of you. According to CNN, high-tech kept the Super Bowl on track with instant replay and multiple camera angles of the Saints’ fourth-quarter two-point conversion (which was originally ruled no-good, then reversed).

For those less interested in the actual game, what did you think of the Super Bowl ads? Any favorites? Who else was surprised to see Google’s advertisement? A panel of MBA students from Northwestern University ranked it as the most effective ad of the night. (My other big surprise? Leno and Letterman in the same room.)

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