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Driving while surfing?

As if having a computer at the office and at home – with a BlackBerry to tide you over when you’re not at either of those places – weren’t enough, now comes the AutoNet Mobile, which transforms your car into a roving Wi-Fi hotspot.

Perfect for those who feel a long commute and/or traffic tie-ups are cutting into their workplace productivity! Just kidding. As the article states, “of course, this connectivity is to be used by passengers sharing your commute, family members who want to stay connected on long car trips or as an access point once you’ve reached your destination. WiFi connectivity while driving is a bad idea — keep your attention on the road.”

And I’m sure everyone will heed that advice — just as they did when told that talking on a cell phone while driving is a bad idea, or that texting while driving is dangerous. Or, er, not. Will “driving under the influence of Wi-Fi” be the latest in this lineup?

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