digital enterprise

1. A digital enterprise is an organization that uses technology as a competitive advantage in its internal and external operations. As information technology (IT) has reshaped the infrastructure and operations of enterprises, digital enterprise has taken on different meanings. Following the introduction of the Web, for example, the term was sometimes used to refer to business activities or new business models that incorporated digital technology, such as the purchase of goods from online sites such as As more business processes, products and business models are transformed by digitized information, the term will continue to evolve.

2. Digital Enterprise is a bundled set of technologies from Adobe that is designed to help a business engage with customers across all digital channels ( web, social, mobile and print) in an efficient manner.  Adobe Digital Enterprise (ADE) was formerly known as Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite; it combines Creative Suite 5 and  Adobe Online Marketing Suite to provide an enterprise with a more effective way to create digital variations of a publication. It also provides tools for distributing the publication and evaluating how successful various channels were in engaging customers.  

3. Digital Enterprise is an Australian government program that helps small-to-medium enterprises and not-for-profit organizations maximize business opportunities made possible by the Nataional Broadband Network (NBN). The program has a training component that teaches participants how they can use the NBN to improve existing business processes. 

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