IT prioritization

IT prioritization is the process of initiating IT projects and procedures based upon both the immediate and long-term needs of an organization. The process should be driven by a strategic vision stemming from the top of the organization -- often the CIO, who serves as the head of IT operations -- with the input of various departments. Done right, IT prioritization should lead to a sensible plan that draws properly upon the resources within an organization and executes on leaders' vision for the future of the business.

Organizations struggling through IT projects would be well served to examine their IT prioritization process to determine what might be going wrong. It's important to establish IT priorities based upon the right moves for the particular organization. Oftentimes, an internal IT governance board will be called upon to assess the impacts and potential ROI of IT initiatives. IT project management, with an eye toward the cost and business-process ramifications, and project and portfolio management software can play an important role in IT prioritization as well.

This was last updated in May 2012

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