business service management (BSM)

Business service management (BSM) is an approach to overseeing information technology that emphasizes treating IT offerings as part of the larger enterprise strategy, and provisioning IT resources based on an understanding of the business' most pressing needs. The end goals of business service management include improving relationships with customers, uncovering revenue-producing opportunities and improving quality of service. Business service management falls under the broader field of IT service management.

Business service management tends to be focused on the needs of business customers, with the goal of enabling business objectives and supporting the organization's value proposition through the more effective use of technology. The process can require some cultural changes, as IT departments with a traditional focus on hardware and software must shift their mind set to one predicated on service delivery and revenue production through technology offerings in a more proactive, rather than reactive, manner.

CIOs play a crucial role in business service management as they must ultimately determine how to improve their organization's existing service management framework, distribute services based on business needs, and manage throughout their lifecycle so that the best intersect with business aims.

This was last updated in August 2014

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