social shopping

Social shopping is a type of e-commerce that seeks to involve people with similar tastes in an online shopping experience.

Many social shopping sites are similar in feel and design to social curation site Pinterest. E-commerce experts suggest this is not coincidental, that the approach is catering to a new generation of shoppers who enjoy and expect the Facebook-esque experience of "liking" and "sharing" as part of their online life, even outside of traditional social networks

Many social shopping sites, like Kaboodle or ShopStyle, recommend products to members in much the same way does. Social shopping sites makes the presentation more personal, however, by providing members with the ability to create personal style boards, product lists, polls and blogs.  The goal is to build community by encouraging members to talk about products and make suggestions directly to their friends and social contacts as they might if they were shopping together in real life at a brick and mortar store. 

This was last updated in September 2013

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