Cloud content management not the panacea many seek

Moving content management tasks to the cloud enables organizations to concentrate on what’s important -- their business.

It means enterprises don’t have to worry about operating systems, patches, storage, security or the network. “By moving to the cloud, you don’t have to worry about all that,” said Laurence Hart, chief information officer of the Association for Information and Image Management.

But the cloud is not the magical panacea to everything some would like it to be, Hart said during a seminar titled “Moving Content Management to the Cloud: A Practical Perspective” during Info360 in New York last month.

Hart discussed the need for security, control, accountability and reliability in the contexts of Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) as well as the traditional data center. He also discussed the organizational challenges in moving business processes to the cloud and offered some tips on how to navigate around them.

Hart sat down with for an interview about transitioning content management practices to the cloud and spoke about the importance of taking a close look at control and ownership issues when considering a cloud content management product. Rather than simply looking at cloud products as tools that simplify content management and reduce workload, organizations should also consider privacy issues related to governmental regulations and have a plan for what to do in case a vendor is acquired or goes out of business, he said.

There are misconceptions behind moving tasks to the cloud, and Hart explained that enterprises should carefully examine all the issues. By doing that, he said, they can concentrate on what matters.

“It allows you to focus on the business processes and making the interface more intuitive so you can take advantage of the tools,” Hart said.

Viewers of this seven-minute video will learn the following

  • The key issues to keep in mind, especially the costs of migrating content management processes to the cloud;
  • That security of cloud services is relative to the expertise of the vendor and the attentiveness of those in charge of the organization’s content management program;
  • Cloud content management vendors are still maturing and now understand what their own shortcomings are;
  • What the islands of information and function are in cloud content management and how they need to be tied together; and
  • The key questions many organizations forget to ask when considering moving their content management tasks to the cloud.

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