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Information management at a crossroads

AIIM president John Mancini views information management as being at a crossroads of sorts, where there is "incredible opportunity in the effective management of digital information" but also great challenge and information chaos as a result of the growing volume and kinds of information that organizations generate.

Mancini outlined the typical situation that has created a stranglehold for many organizations in which departments are clashing. Workers want to be more productive but IT wants to maintain control over information.

"I have people saying to me, 'My file shares are out of control,'" Mancini said. "'Information is leaking out of the organization at breakneck speed. My CEO is angry we're spending so much money on technology. My IT people are angry because the business is end-running us all the time in terms of deploying stuff.'  The label we put on that is information chaos. That tension between information opportunity and information chaos."

But, Mancini emphasized, there are new technologies such as semantics and analytics that can help break the stalemate. Workers can get access to more intelligent technology that can truly find and access information, and information managers can gain control as well.

Semantics and analytics technologies create opportunities for customer insights, automating classification and figuring out better ways to find information. It's a new layer that puts into perspective the opportunities that come along with the challenges.

For more, check out SearchContentManagement's coverage of the event. You can also follow the information chaos conversation at #AIIM14 and #infochaos.

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