How well do you know the ITIL v3 framework?

Test how well your team knows its roles and responsibilities with this ITIL quiz. It might help you handle future IT service problems.

Emergency changes, voracious end users and shifting requirements will always demand a lot of the underlying infrastructure in the data center, but many IT organizations tame the chaos with the ITIL v3 framework.

ITIL (formerly called the Information Technology Infrastructure Library) offers methodologies to handle problems, meet the needs of resource-hungry end users and keep the IT infrastructure current with the business' direction. It doesn't prevent disorganization, but provides a path for navigating and containing it.

"Say you have a top-of-the-range Ferrari: If you took the brakes away, you'd drive it very slowly," said Dave Jones, principal consultant at U.K.-based ITIL certification and training provider Pink Elephant. "ITIL control is the brakes."

When used appropriately, the control and framework of ITIL adds the right governance and stability to speed up the final mechanism. If ITIL is applied too heavy-handedly, it will slow down everything.

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