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SambaNova Systems now offers GPT AI-powered language model

The vendor said its new offering will save enterprises time and money as they adopt language models. It also said the service makes the language model more accessible than before.

SambaNova Systems is now offering a Generative Pre-trained Transformer language model in its Dataflow-as-a-Service product for language. The AI hardware and software vendor said the model enables enterprises to quickly develop AI language applications.

Unveiled on Oct. 19, the Dataflow-as-a-Service product for language with the latest GPT model fills out a full suite of natural language processing tools for producing and deploying language models.

The new subscription service is fulling a "massive demand among early adopters who no longer want manual approaches and for those new entrants who want to get into the market," said R "Ray" Wang, an analyst at Constellation Research.

Making models more easily

Wang added that because GPTs enables enterprises to scale and build their AI and machine learning models more easily, SambaNova's subscription service will help expand the market for AI and ML.

"The main issue is making AI/ML models easier to create, manage and deploy in the enterprise," Wang continued. "The idea is to make it easy to create repeatable models."

The new GPT service is for enterprises that want the benefits of the latest GPT technology but don't want to become "an AI GPT expert house," said Rodrigo Liang, CEO and co-founder of SambaNova.

With the service, SambaNova is reducing barriers such as expertise, cost and the time it takes to deploy the model, he said.

The main issue is making AI/ML models easier to create, manage and deploy in the enterprise.
R 'Ray' WangAnalyst, Constellation Research

Normally, an advanced model such as GPT is only accessible to a handful of enterprises that that have hundreds of data scientists able to aggregate thousands of chips together to build one model, Liang said.

SambaNova is focused on getting their customers to the point where they can relatively quickly reap the benefits of AI instead of needing to wade through multiple decisions about different models and chips, he said.

SambaNova said the Dataflow-as-a-Service product with GPT is aimed at enterprise applications such as integrating sentiment analysis with customer support and feedback systems, classifying and sorting text documents, and extracting information from invoices, electronic health records and financial documents.

Competing language systems

SambaNova claimed the new product is the first enterprise-grade AI offering of its kind.

However, the independent vendor's product release came a week after Microsoft and Nvidia introduced the DeepSpeed- and Megatron-powered Megatron Turing NLG 530B.

The vendors claimed their product is the largest and most powerful generative language model.

According to Wang, SambaNova's GPT service is an indicator of how AI technology is moving quickly toward more affordable and easier systems that enterprises can use to put AI models into production more quickly.

"We are moving from the craft stage of AI/ML language model creation to a phase where tools are more advanced and can be used to remove the barriers of entry in piecemeal tech, hard-to-find resources and a high cost of integration," Wang said. "The GPT language model allows companies to leapfrog existing efforts."

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