Microsoft Edge Web Notes

Microsoft Edge Web Notes is a feature in Microsoft's Edge browser that allows users to draw, highlight or type on webpages and web-based applications. With Web Notes, the user does not actually alter the webpage. Instead, Web Notes takes a snapshot of the page and creates a file that the user makes changes to.

Web Notes made its debut as part of Microsoft Edge in Windows 10. Web Notes includes four options for marking up a page: Pen, Highlight, Type and Share. Users can erase any markings they make. They can also use Web Notes to set reminders, clip text or add notes.

To use Web Notes, the user selects Make a Web Note on the tool bar at the top of his or her Edge browser. This opens a new tool bar listing each of the available tools within Web Notes. Users can make markings with Web Notes using their mouse, track pad or touch screen.

To save their Web Notes, users can add them to the Microsoft OneNote file-sharing system. They cannot export the files to any other program. They can also add the marked-up webpage to their browser favorites or reading lists. With the Share option, users can email Web Notes files to other users. In that case, Web Notes automatically converts the file into a JPEG and attaches it to the email message.

This was last updated in February 2017

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