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How can IT improve existing ERP system benefits?

A canceled ERP project due to the COVID-19 pandemic doesn't have to stall productivity. Here's how to get the most from your current system.

If business leaders at your company have decided to cancel an ERP implementation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it's important to get strategic.

As a project leader, you can take actions to move your company forward, by finding opportunities to improve your existing ERP system.

Here are three steps you can take. 

Turn on more ERP features

Although a canceled ERP project can be disappointing, you can likely get more value from the system you do have. Consider which features in the ERP system you haven't configured yet could help streamline processes, provide visibility or improve workflow. While a canceled ERP implementation due to COVID-19 is hardly an ideal situation, the reality is that you will have to make do. Enabling greater functionalities is one way to make an unfortunate situation better.

Also, look for additional features that you can purchase from your current vendor or their third-party partners that will significantly improve the usability of your existing application.

Find manageable ERP issues

Getting the most from your current ERP system requires addressing problem areas.

Contact the ERP salesperson since that person can offer options and pull in additional resources as needed. This is the vendor's opportunity to keep you as a client so the salesperson may be willing to invest time and resources into your company. You can also open technical support tickets for items with lower priority and complexity.

Use ERP vendor's customer portal

Many vendors provide a portal where their customers can post questions and help each other. Some customers may have already resolved some of your biggest issues. Check in to see if they found a creative workaround that you can implement at your company.

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