talent activation

Talent activation is a human resources strategy for improving team leadership and workgroup collaboration that involves using surveys and questionnaires to solicit employee feedback on a regular basis. The goal of continuous feedback is to help the organization improve communication, create a climate of trust, encourage cooperation within and between workgroups and help front-line managers become better team leaders. In order to improve feedback quality, an employee's responses to surveys and questionnaires are anonymized before they are shared with upper management.

Talent activation software is considered to be a type of HR technology and is related to talent management and performance management software.

Business impacts of talent activation

Vendors and some users of talent acquisition software systems say a key benefit of improving leadership and collaboration within organizations and workgroups is better employee engagement. Likewise, employees who are more engaged because they feel their team leaders are listening to them, recognizing their achievements and supporting them and their work-life balance, stay longer – improving organizations' talent retention rates. Another business advantage attributed to talent acquisition is higher productivity from happier, more engaged employees -- both rank and file and supervisory -- and better business outcomes. Talent acquisition software also produces HR analytics that can be used to develop business metrics based on firm data.

Uses for talent activation

Talent activation is also seen as a component of onboarding. Some employers use talent activation strategies at the onset of a new hire's employment to trigger their engagement with the organization. A key part of this approach is quickly enrolling new employees during the onboarding process in the organization's mobile HR platform and personalizing the software. This kind of talent activation-onboarding software also directs new hires to customized employee learning systems and training content.

Talent activation software vendors

The Marcus Buckingham Company, acquired by workforce management and payroll software vendor ADP in 2017, is closely associated with talent activation systems. ADP also developed its own new talent activation software platform and sells both that product, Compass, and the system it acquired from Marcus Buckingham. SilkRoad, primarily a vendor of onboarding software, also markets a talent activation module as part of its onboarding platform. Namely, seller of a software platform for small and medium-sized businesses, includes in its human capital management suite onboarding and automated review cycles, custom surveys and employee appreciation features.

The software analyzes employee feedback and uses machine learning to tailor each employee's future educational experiences.

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