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Kaseya offers price break on MSP peer group membership

Service providers new to MSP peer groups are getting a price cut from Kaseya, an IT business management platform provider.

Kaseya is partnering with TruMethods, an MSP training and software organization, and its TruPeer MSP peer group. Speaking at the Connect IT conference, Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola said his company will cover a third of the membership fee for MSPs seeking to join TruPeer. Annual fees for MSP peer groups run in the thousands of dollars.

The rationale is straightforward: “Service providers in peer groups do better than those not in peer groups,” Voccola said.

In a peer group, MSPs meet with other service providers, sharing experiences regarding what works and what doesn’t when running a service provider business. Specific peer group offerings vary, but TruPeer, for example, includes three in-person meetings per year, webinars and financial benchmarking among other components.

Peer groups also provide an accountability dimension. MSP managers are more likely to develop that pesky marketing plan when they know they’ll be quizzed on it at the next group meeting.

At Connect IT, Kaseya also highlighted its Powered Services offering, which provides sales and marketing programs and strategies for MSPs. Service providers can tap Powered Services to get access to sales presentation templates, sample landing page content, sample social media posts, and sales and marketing email templates.

PowerServices in July had more than 17,000 downloads of material that MSPs branded as their own, said Mike Puglia, chief marketing officer at Kaseya.

The offering goes beyond collateral, however. “This group will also get on the phone with prospects and customers to help you sell and close deals,” Voccola said, noting Kaseya plans to expand the program over the next 12 months.

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