IT channel sales and marketing strategy for the digital era

Last updated:April 2016

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We've entered into a new era where IT channel firms must have a strong, and digital, sales and marketing strategy in place if they hope to grow, if not survive, in the industry. Customers, increasingly Web-savvy, prefer to conduct their own research to find partners, putting greater importance on the image and message you convey about your company through your website, collateral and social media platforms. For channel executives coming from mostly technical backgrounds, crafting a sales and marketing strategy can seem like a daunting responsibility -- but, if there's one thing we're trying hammer in throughout this guide, you can't afford to avoid it.

With the importance of sales and marketing in mind, we've organized a comprehensive series of articles to modernize your approach. You'll find an overview of the steps you'll need to take to develop a solid sales and marketing strategy for your company, as well as the tools and techniques for generating leads. And importantly, throughout the series, you'll find a multitude of valuable tips to help you execute your plan.

1Cutting through the noise

Where do you start? How do you pay for it? What different marketing routes could you take? In this section, you'll get the bulk of what you need to know about sales and marketing in the digital era. These pieces provide a high-level perspective of the sales and marketing battleground for partners, as well as detailed reports on how to stand out.

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