Top cloud services enterprises and SMBs want to buy


Top cloud services, No. 8: Cloud BI and data management services

Customers are attracted to cloud-based business intelligence because it helps them monitor trends and respond quickly to market changes. Cloud-based BI has picked up momentum as more corporate users feel comfortable incorporating cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) into their BI strategies. As with many cloud services, customers eying cloud BI are attracted to the prospect of reduced IT and data center management costs, faster deployment times and increased flexibility as business needs change. On the other hand, cloud BI services are still somewhat low-end in nature, which customers take into account.

When it comes to data management, cloud technologies are emerging as alternatives to traditional on-premises software -- something customers are starting to embrace.

The main selling points of cloud-based data management services are that they can accelerate technology deployments as well as reduce capital expenditures and system maintenance costs. They can also provide customers with more flexibility to help meet evolving business requirements. Customers' main concerns lie in data security, often hesitating to outsource sensitive data away from the monitoring capabilities of the corporate firewall.

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