Microsoft Hyper-V Integration Services

Hyper-V Integration Services is a suite of utilities in Microsoft Hyper-V, designed to enhance the performance of a virtual machine's guest operating system

Hyper-V Integration Services optimizes the drivers of the virtual environments to provide end users with the best possible user experience. The suite improves virtual machine management by replacing generic operating system driver files for the mouse, keyboard, video, network and SCSI controller components. It also synchronizes time between the guest and host operating systems and can provide file interoperability and a heartbeat.

Selected releases of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 are Integration Services-aware, but for other operating systems, the guest ISO file is located in the C:\windows\system32\ path of the Hyper-V server. Hyper-V Integration Services are similar to the VMware Tools package used to improve the interaction of guest operating systems within the VMware virtualization infrastructure.

This was last updated in June 2013

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