Pros and cons of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

SAP's primary recruiting platform is capable and feature rich, but users should consider these important factors before adopting the cloud-based system.

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting is one of the strongest recruiting platforms on the market. The cloud-based system encompasses requisition creation and management, candidate relationship management, job posting, career websites, recruiting marketing, offer letters, integration with onboarding and core HR and more.

Like with any enterprise application suite, there are pros and cons.


Some of the main pros of SuccessFactors Recruiting involve data protection and privacy, specifically capabilities that enable GDPR complaince. Specific advantages include the following:

  • Data purging. You can purge unneeded data from the system and configure data retention rules to automatically delete personal information after the retention period has expired.
  • Change audit. You can report on changes to personal data as well as all changes made my specific users.
  • Data subject information reporting. You can generate a data subject information report containing all data stored in the application, which can be a legal requirement under GDPR.
  • Consent agreements. You can configure and manage consent statements -- as well as their acceptance -- for candidates and employees who use the system.

Through the Recruiting Marketing module, it is easy to post jobs to more than 3,000 sources in over 80 countries, including job boards, social networks and colleges and universities. Additionally, it provides detailed analytics by job, source, campaign and any number of data points. This enables recruiters to keep track of their external recruiting efforts and optimize the speed of recruiting.

Some of the main pros of SuccessFactors Recruiting involve data protection and privacy, specifically capabilities that enable GDPR complaince.

The SuccessFactors Mobile app provides recruiters with plenty of capabilities to manage and approve recruiting activities on the go. The mobile app is user-friendly and lets you perform the following actions:

  • approve requisitions and job offers;
  • track the status of candidates;
  • perform candidate interview assessments; and
  • receive push notifications for candidate assessment tasks, job requisition approval requests and job offer approval requests.

Employees can also apply for internal jobs through the mobile app.

Integration with Position Management in Employee Central lets you manage positions and then launch requisitions in SuccessFactors Recruiting from vacant or soon-to-be-vacant positions.


Naturally, no software is perfect, and SuccessFactors Recruiting has some areas that customers should consider before adopting it.

Recruiting has moved partially to the MetaData Framework. However, not all objects have moved, and, as a result, some areas are not optimally integrated or can be somewhat less stable than they will be once all the objects are migrated.

The integration between SuccessFactors Recruiting and the current version of SuccessFactors Onboarding is not as strong as needed and can create a challenging user experience at times. The new version, Onboarding 2.0, should resolve these areas, especially once Recruiting has fully migrated to the MetaData Framework.

The interview scheduling functionality only integrates with Microsoft Outlook. If you are scheduling an interview and use a different brand of email software, you will need to manually add the calendar invite to your calendar.

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