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Top 16 unified communications market blogs to follow

Follow these top unified communications blogs for the latest trends in the UC and collaboration markets. These blogs provide insight into analyst research, product news and market trends.

Want to stay in the know about unified communications? You can deepen your understanding of UC technology and the UC market by following these expert blogs.

A range of industry analysts, consultants and vendors keep tabs on the latest trends in the UC market through their blogs. From product announcements to advice on how to take advantage of an emerging aspect of UC, unified communications blogs provide valuable insight into the current state of and future predictions for the UC market.

Explore 16 of the top UC blogs below.

1. Metrigy

Robin GareissRobin Gareiss

Metrigy is a research and advisory firm based in Mokena, Ill., that focuses on enterprise communications technology, including UC, customer experience (CX) and the digital workplace. The firm spun off from Nemertes Research in 2020.

Irwin LazarIrwin Lazar

Blog authors Robin Gareiss, CEO and principal analyst, and Irwin Lazar, president and principal analyst, provide insight into industry trends, news and research findings. For example, this post looks at the advantages of "agile Fridays" to reduce employee burnout while improving business metrics at the same time. Another post examines how to increase the security of collaboration applications.

2. Intrado

Intrado, formerly West Corp. (rebranded in 2019), is a cloud-based enterprise collaboration service provider with headquarters in Omaha, Neb. The company, which was originally founded in 1986, has maintained industry blogs since 2011 with content produced by product managers and an in-house marketing team.

Intrado's UC blog covers topics such as contact center, collaboration and networking. This post, for example, delves into common conference call pain points and how to prevent them. Another post looks at the use of virtual personal assistants in the banking industry. In addition to traditional blog posts, Intrado posts case studies that highlight end-user success stories, as well as white papers that dive deeper into topics.

3. RingCentral

RingCentral is a cloud-based enterprise communications provider based in Belmont, Calif. The company offers business communications services, including voice, messaging and video, as well as contact center services. RingCentral has maintained a blog since 2009, with content produced by an in-house content marketing team, company executives and occasional third-party contributors, such as industry consultants.

RingCentral's blog provides insight into various UC topics, including technology comparisons, contact center, collaboration and remote work. For example, this post takes a look at how voice technology will disrupt the workplace in 2022. Another post offers advice for how organizations should approach meeting rooms as employees return to the office.

4. Wainhouse Research

Wainhouse is a research firm founded in 1999 that focuses on the UC and collaboration (UCC) markets. Based in Duxbury, Mass., Wainhouse has nine analysts who provide free content on various aspects of the UC market, including video conferencing, meeting rooms and cloud-based services. The firm also has a test lab to evaluate UC products and hardware.

In one post, Bryan Hellard, evaluation lab researcher, provides his assessment of the Poly P15 video bar and how it performs on both Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings. In another post, senior analyst Sean Spradling assesses Zoom support for hybrid workers and the strategy behind it.

5. Cisco

Cisco is a provider of networking, communications and collaboration hardware and software based in San Jose. The company began posting blog content on collaboration in 2014. Bloggers include members of the Cisco collaboration team, such as developers and product managers, and guest contributors, such as industry analysts and consultants.

The UC blog content includes product updates for Cisco collaboration tools, such as Webex and Jabber, as well as general technology topics, such as messaging, video conferencing and security. Blog posts also include short tutorials to teach Cisco admins how to enable certain capabilities or features. A post about the National Security Agency's guidelines on collaboration security best practices examines how to apply them to Webex. Another post looks at hybrid work environments and Webex features designed to make those meetings more engaging.

6. Fuze (an 8x8 company)

Fuze is a cloud communications provider based in Boston that specializes in supporting remote and distributed workforces. Although Fuze was acquired by 8x8 in 2022, the company has maintained a blog since 2013 and focuses on product announcements, Q&As with Fuze employees and an array of UC topics, including security, video conferencing and telephony.

Fuze's blog features posts from executives and members of the product and content marketing teams. Blog coverage can be technical, such as this post, which explains the bring your own carrier trend and its benefits. Other posts take a more end user-focused approach on subjects like the future of work and communications.

Jim LundyJim Lundy

7. Aragon Research

Aragon is a research and advisory firm with a focus on business technology based in Morgan Hill, Calif. The company first began blogging about technology in 2011, and analysts Jim Lundy, Betsy Burton and Ken Dulaney cover most UC topics. Marketing manager Amy Townsend also contributes to the blog.

Blog coverage includes insights into vendor news, market trends and general topics, such as cloud, digital transformation (DX), security and collaboration. In this post, Burton delves into the definition of a metaverse as both an emerging technology and a business model. In a related post, Townsend look at the future of virtual meetings held in the metaverse. 


AVI-SPL is an audiovisual (AV) and collaboration technologies provider based in Tampa, Fla. The company began its blog in 2008 and covers AV in various aspects of daily life, including in collaborative business meeting spaces, education and government. AVI-SPL bloggers include the company's own editors and content marketing managers.

The vendor's blog offers tips, guides and how-to lists for AV-related topics, such as video conferencing and communications systems. One post evaluates the benefits of using certified devices for meeting room collaboration, while another looks at delivering meeting equity using portable collaboration equipment. AVI-SPL bloggers also share information about the company's products and details about their upcoming webinars.

9. Unify

Unify is a software-based UC provider based in Munich and an Atos SE company. Atos, an IT service provider and consulting company based in Bezons, France, acquired Unify in 2015. Unify's blog features posts from the company's subject matter experts in several topic areas, including UCC.

While many blog posts highlight specific services Unify offers, the bloggers also provide useful information about remote work, the latest trends in communication systems, and ideas and predictions for the future of work. For example, this post discusses the hidden costs of on-premises telephony systems and compares the costs to those of a UCaaS platform.

10. Andrew Prokop

Andrew Prokop is a self-described Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) evangelist and a prominent UC blogger. He began his blog, SIP Adventures, in 2013 and rebranded to Tao, Zen, and Tomorrow in 2020 because he began to look more at the future of communications than strictly at SIP functions. As the former name suggests, Prokop's blog covered SIP extensively and still covers the protocol, yet it also explores topics such as virtual agents, AI and session border controllers.

Prokop begins most of his blog posts with a relevant or inspirational quote, and his narrative explanations aid a reader's understanding and comprehension of these complex topics. In one post, Prokop breaks down he uses Avaya Spaces APIs to build a collaboration app. In another post as part of a video series, he offers best practices for SIP and UC security.

Michael BrandenburgMichael Brandenburg

11. Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan is a consulting firm based in San Antonio that focuses on business market research, analysis and consulting. The firm's analysts began to blog about cloud services and DX -- which often include UCC posts -- in 2000. UC-specific bloggers include analysts Michael Brandenburg, Alaa Saayed, Elka Popova, Roopam Jain, Robert Arnold and Melanie Turek.

Analysts post research findings on the firm's blog, as well as market observations and predictions related to their research field. One example is a post by Arnold explores why organizations shouldn't neglect audio products when approaching their room-based video conferencing setups. Another post by Saayed offers a review of the Cisco Webex Desk Camera for remote and hybrid work.

12. Vyopta

Vyopta is a UC analytics company based in Austin. Vyopta's blog -- which dates back to 2013 -- is strictly UC content. The blog features posts from business writers about Vyopta's own products, as well as helpful insights, guides and advice in areas from troubleshooting packet loss to annual industry conferences.

The blog's goal is to promote best practices for organizations to make the most of their UC investments. One post explores the challenges of remote work engagement and the importance of building metrics to support engagement. Another post offers best practices to ensure effective hybrid meetings.

Zeus KerravalaZeus Kerravala

13. Zeus Kerravala

Zeus Kerravala is the founder and principal analyst of ZK Research, a market research company based in Acton, Mass. Kerravala began his blog in 2008 and, since then, has covered various areas of technology, including UC, networking and cloud environments.

Kerravala's blog typically offers commentary on vendor operations, including acquisitions and product releases, as well as tips and observations regarding current events in technology industries. His posts showcase his deep understanding of these markets, how keenly aware he is of the latest trends in UC and other technologies, and where the market may head.

14. NTT

NTT Cloud Communications is a telecommunications company based in Tokyo. UCC provider Arkadin was a subsidiary of NTT Communications Group, and the company rebranded to NTT's cloud communications division in late 2019. NTT's subject matter experts are the bloggers, and they have covered digital and enhanced workspaces with UC and cloud services since 2013.

The blog highlights collaboration, mobility and other technology trends in digital workspaces. Bloggers also answer FAQs and provide detailed steps and best practices to improve business operations with UC. One post addresses common questions about Microsoft's Operator Connect for the Teams phone system. Another post explains how enterprise content delivery networks can ease the burden of virtual events on corporate networks.

Tsahi Levent-LeviTsahi Levent-Levi


Tsahi Levent-Levi runs, and he is an independent analyst and consultant for Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC). He began his blog in 2012 and provides deep dives into communications technology -- primarily, WebRTC -- as well as general market commentary. Levent-Levi also covers CPaaS, voice over IP (VoIP), and disruption in the UC and networking industries.

Levent-Levi's blog commonly delves into the ins and outs of WebRTC and CPaaS and provides detailed diagrams and graphics for readers. For example, one post takes a deep dive into how to hire WebRTC developers. Another post examines free subscriptions in CPaaS offerings and whether they offer organizations cost savings.  

16. TalkingPointz

TalkingPointz is the industry blog of Dave Michels, an enterprise communications analyst based in Boulder, Colo. Michels is also the founder of research and consulting firm Buffalo Communications Inc. He has maintained the blog since 2007, which also includes podcasts, videos and interviews with industry analysts and vendors. While TalkingPointz offers some free content for readers, other content, such as research notes and insider articles, are behind a member paywall.

Michels provides insight into all aspects of the UC industry, including cloud, collaboration, video and VoIP. In his podcast co-hosted with industry thought leader Evan Kirstel, they discuss topics like WebRTC and the metaverse with Cullen Jennings, CTO for security and collaboration at Cisco.

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