VDI boot storm

A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI boot storm is the degradation of service that occurs when a significant number of end users boot up within a very narrow time frame and overwhelm the network with data requests. 

Boot storms are a problem because slow, unresponsive virtual desktops can make a VDI project unpopular with end users even though desktop performance is good the rest of the time. To prevent VDI boot storms, experts recommend starting virtual machines (VMs) in waves, implementing caching or adding solid-state storage to handle the concentrated number of storage input/output (I/O) requests.

VDI boot storms are similar to VDI login storms, which are caused when a significant number of end users launch their operating systems (OSs) at the same time and VDI antivirus storms, which happen when a significant number of virtual desktops are scheduled to run malware scans at the same time. 

This was last updated in November 2012

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