Reconfiguring .pst file home locations on Exchange

Find out how to set home default locations and autoarchive your .pst files.

I'd like to create .pst files for archiving purposes for all users on my site. This .pst file should be located on the home drive on the server. How do you set this up on Exchange System Manager, so that the home drive is the default location for the .pst files? I also want to set up auto-archiving to move all mail older than 30 days to the .pst file.
You should download Microsoft ExMerge from here and run this on your server on a regular basis.

I recommend against having Outlook users connected to a .pst on a network share -- it is not supported by Microsoft. Auto-archiving in Outlook requires a local .pst file on each user's machine.

It sounds to me like you're looking for a proper archiving solution. I'd recommend reviewing third-party archiving providers, or evaluating the native archiving in Exchange Server 2010 when used with Outlook 2010.

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