Microsoft CPS (Microsoft Cloud Platform System)

Microsoft CPS (Microsoft Cloud Platform System) is a software stack of Window Server 2012 R2, System Center 2012 R2, and Windows Azure Pack that runs on Dell servers.

The cloud-in-a-box bundle targets shops that want to run their own data centers. Microsoft CPS customers will buy hardware through Dell and software and services through Microsoft, with Microsoft as the first point of contact for support requests. The hardware requires:

  • Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell Storage and Dell Networking
  • 512 cores across 32 servers (each with a dual socket Intel Ivy Bridge, E5-2650v2 CPU)
  • 8 TB of RAM with 256 GB per server
  • 282 TB of usable storage
  • 1360 Gb/s of internal rack connectivity
  • 560 Gb/s of inter-rack connectivity
  • Up to 60 Gb/s connectivity to the external world
This was last updated in December 2014

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