Microsoft Exchange Server Jetstress

Microsoft Exchange Server Jetstress is a tool that administrators can use to validate their Exchange Server storage configuration.

Appearing in multiple versions of Exchange Server, Jetstress simulates a storage load like an Exchange Server does when it is in production. Jetstress will verify a disk's performance from simulating the disk's I/O, specifically the log file loads and the Exchange database a specific number of end users produce. Jetstress monitors how the storage performs and uses measurements with the parameters admins define. Results from running Jetsress appear as pass/fail.

Microsoft recommends that admins wait to run their Exchange Server configurations until they have the chance to run Jetstress and until they receive a "pass" result.

The current version of Jetstress is Jetstress 2013, which was released in conjunction with Exchange Server 2013. Microsoft says this version is similar to JetStress 2010, but it has a few key differences:

  • Single I/O errors now fail the test
  • Final reports now show the amount of errors per volume in a new section because errors are now logged in the volume they occurred
  • If cyclic redundancy check (CRC) errors occur, Jetstress now simulates the same kind of behavior as an Exchange Server patching pages ("page patching")
This was last updated in May 2014

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