The Real Deal: The Power of Purchase Intent Insight – TAKE 5

Steve Niemiec

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Revenue Officer

real purchase intent insightAs I have laid out in my previous posts on this subject, I have another new story to share about the power of purchase intent insight – this time relative to recent wins for Dell EMC and Red Hat.

I know what you all are thinking: “Steve, enough…. I get it!   You’ve gone overboard in this exercise of ‘proof’.” But I believe in transparency in this industry where there’s not enough of it and it is important to deliver this to our prospects and customers. This is the 5th time that I am highlighting the connection between our in-depth purchase intent insight and actual budgeted purchases through our Qualified Sales Opportunities service – insight that identifies projects that are taking place well before your sales teams do.

The Deal

Recently, it was announced that Monash University (70,000 student college in Australia) made sizable investments with Red Hat & Dell EMC. The university made big investments to their big data processing infrastructure, thanks to a software-defined multi-petabyte deployment from Red Hat and Dell EMC. Here’s the full article.

The article talks about the scale and duration of the project as well how many factors went into these purchases:

“”As a research institution, we are faced with the challenge of virtually limitless data, not only from new projects, but from archived and long-tail research. One of our key concerns in this process was having enough storage space in an OpenStack cloud environment, as it supports the majority of use cases from our researchers.” – Monash eResearch Centre deputy director Steve Quenette.

As was it with the project confirmed at Microsoft, the projects confirmed at Qlik and the project confirmed at Lenovo, TechTarget also knew about these projects. Below you will see the proof (Click on images to see full reports):
Qualified sales opportunities real Purchase intent insightqualified sales opportunities real purchase intent insight cloud

qualified sales opportunities real purchase intent insight DC







Hopefully you are seeing a repetitive pattern here…

Will real purchase intent insight please stand up?

I’m on a plane back from London and listening to the audio playing thru my seat. I will admit that I’m not a big Eminem fan but I do like some of his songs and just got done listening to the lyric ‘Will the real slim shady please stand up…’ For those that like Eminem, you know that this song is a critique to the generic and imitated songs that he felt were popular at the time.

I thought this was very fitting – for as I type this, I want to ask you if you’ve seen another purchase intent vendor illustrate this level of proof even once, yet alone 5 times. Truth be told, there’s a lot of generic purchase intent data out there from vendors who won’t even tell you where their data comes from or what sites it was sourced against. When it comes to real purchase intent insight, TechTarget continues to stand up and stand out while everyone else is simply generic.

If you would like to understand more about how real purchase intent insight can help you, please reach out here.

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