6 Peer-Driven Tips for Improving Marketing & Sales Performance with TechTarget Priority Engine

Heather Turner

Vice President, Customer Success


Real Insights from Sales and Marketing Peers

Sales and marketing professionals from the San Francisco Bay Area recently gathered at the Adobe offices in San Jose for the latest roundtable for users of Priority Engine, TechTarget’s SaaS-based purchase intent insight platform, to share successes and learn from their peers. Based on insight directly from users, we have outlined 6 tips – 3 for marketing and 3 for sales – for improving sales and marketing performance fueled by real purchase intent insight from Priority Engine:

3 tips for improving marketing performance with real purchase intent insight and services 

  1. Segmentation should not be a one-and-done exercise – Fine tune and evolve targeting based on insight
    Sometimes marketers make the mistake of approaching segmentation as a one-time task, setting and forgetting their segments for long periods of time. The most successful marketers treat segmentation as an evolving process that grows and develops as their buyers do. Your operations team combined with real-time insight from TechTarget can help you continuously carve out finely tuned market segments so you can execute dynamic nurture programs and follow-up strategies.
  2. Data is only as good as your ability to act on it – Accelerate opportunities with integrated marketing and services
    Coupling Priority Engine intent data with content syndication, digital advertising, and other marketing services allows customers to build and expand presence where their prospects are already researching. Customers see accelerated success when used in tandem as one campaign boosts the other and because Priority Engine contacts are already being nurtured across the TechTarget network.
  3. Identify KPIs early and orient your work towards them
    While those in attendance had varying abilities to track and report on KPIs, there was a consensus that metrics are a critical part of any campaign. Whether you are trying to generate net-new contacts, nurture better MQLs, or increase target account engagements, it’s important to know what you want to accomplish up-front. From there you can build your strategy to match and measure the appropriate KPIs. This will orient your tactics towards your goals and, in turn, result in greater success. The ability to measure success of your data and marketing partners will tie directly to how they can improve your ability to hit these milestones.

3 ways to drive sales use and adoption of Priority Engine

  1. Develop internal sales champions for the rest of the sales organization to model on   
    It’s critical both marketing and sales see the value of your Priority Engine programs in order to achieve success. But getting sales reps to adopt the tool isn’t always a simple task. Users agree the best way to get the greater sales organization to adopt the tool is for one or two reps to see success quickly so that they will become internal champions of the tool. Integrating with tools like Salesforce or Salesloft is one way to ensure that Priority Engine fits seamlessly into your rep’s workflow, encouraging adoption and increasing speed to conversion.
  2. You can’t just deliver the data and tools – You must continuously educate and enable sales
    Our most successful users put a heavy emphasis on educating their sales team. Since Priority Engine data refreshes weekly, it’s important that reps know to look for new insights and key data points as they arrive. Time spent educating users on how to leverage the full buying team, vendor interests, installed technology, and topical interests helps them get in the habit of seeking out these insights in their daily routine. TechTarget’s Customer Success Team is a critical resource for both the reps and sales managers to help with this effort. Dedicated Customer Success Managers can demonstrate how reps can incorporate Priority Engine information into their follow-up, giving them the ability to generate meaningful conversations for every contact they engage.
  3. Socialize data-driven wins across the organization
    Our heaviest sales users agree that it only takes one or two victories to get everyone on board. Make sure to share wins early and often internally to motivate reps as well as surface successful ways to use the tool for your team. As is true with any sales-related effort, keep the momentum up and the energy high.

We hope that these lessons learned from our user group were helpful for you and that you will bring a few of them into your own approach to using Priority Engine. If you’re interested in learning more about any of these techniques, don’t hesitate to reach out to your TechTarget Customer Success Manager. To learn more about or join user groups in your area, please contact us today!

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