How WhiteHat Security Increases Targeted Pipeline with Priority Engine and Content Syndication

Sarah Geissler

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

An interview with successful technology marketing innovator, Miles Krone, Demand Generation Manager at WhiteHat Security

WhiteHat Security is a leader in application security, enabling businesses to protect critical data, ensure compliance, and manage risk. Miles is responsible for Marketing Operations and Strategy to drive pipeline and manage marketing technologies, as well as collaborating with sales and enablement teams. Check him out on LinkedIn!

Tell us about WhiteHat Security and some of the specific challenges you face?

The biggest challenge we face at WhiteHat is trying to increase pipeline while working with many different sales processes and a dirty database.

How are you leveraging TechTarget’s products? What are you trying to accomplish?

We have an integrated marketing strategy using Priority Engine and Content Syndication. Our primary goal is to increase targeted pipeline and expand the buying team on existing accounts.

Can you provide some details into how you’re using Priority Engine?

using priority engine WhiteHatWe have several lists set up within Priority Engine, which mirror with our sales teams’ territories. We upload the contacts and insights from Priority Engine into Marketo every week. We also push the buying team and the intent data to Salesforce. Priority Engine allows us to find Active Prospects that have engaged with our content, fueling and enhancing our ABM strategy.

Our BDRs and Field Reps also go directly into Priority Engine to gather additional insights on their lists of top accounts. They take advantage of Email Alerts for all their accounts, so they can clearly see the most recent activity in their territories.

We also utilize Inbound Converter to see who is also visiting our website and researching our solutions, which also helps us to prioritize our sales and marketing outreach.

How has TechTarget helped you to overcome your challenges and see success?

Priority Engine has allowed us, as a marketing and sales organization, to increase pipeline and expand the buying team on the accounts we are targeting within our ABM strategy. Priority Engine, in conjunction with content syndication, helps to feed our content at the top of the funnel, as well as bottom of the funnel when validating information when prospecting and for closed-won business.

Which types of insights and data from Priority Engine have been most valuable to you and your team?

Priority Engine has been a significant factor to help us maintain a 60% pipeline contribution year-over-year from marketing to sales. The insights within Priority Engine have been invaluable to us. The ability to see the total buying team within the specific accounts we are targeting, in combination with the list of installed technologies, helps to fuel our sales team’s conversations and personalize outreach. Priority Engine has been a significant component in helping us validate our account information and get the right information to the sales teams at the right time.

Tell us about your experience working with TechTarget’s team?

TechTarget’s team is outstanding; they are excellent partners that have taken the extra steps to provide us the attention we require to see success. That is one of the best parts about working with TechTarget.

A big thank you to Miles for sharing some feedback with us. We look forward to hearing about more of your success in the future!

If you’re interested in sharing your TechTarget story with us, feel free to reach out to Sarah Geissler.

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