First to the Future: What Lifecycle Revenue Marketing Means for Demand and Account-Based Marketers

As B2B buyer behaviors change, marketing organizations face friction with buyers and with internal silos as well. This forms a cycle of untapped buyer insights, disparate goals, narrow marketing efforts, ineffectual teams and poor revenue performance.

As a solution to these challenges, Forrester designed their lifecycle revenue marketing (LRM); a customer-obsessed growth strategy for all frontline marketing functions that breaks through silos, extends audience engagement, and connects marketing programs to the entire lifecycle of revenue opportunities.

In this research brief, Forrester explores the impact of their lifecycle revenue marketing (LRM) on demand gen and ABM. You’ll learn:

  • Where demand and account-based marketers are feeling internal friction limit their impact on business growth.
  • How demand and ABM teams have started to shift their approaches to evolve with buyers.
  • The role of cross-functional alignment and adaptive programs in LRM success.
  • How teams can champion LRM from the current state of their demand gen and ABM programs.
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