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Look into the past provides cautionary tale on rejecting tech trends

We’ve all said silly things. We don’t all get haunted by them on the Internet on a regular basis. Back in 1995, writer and astronomer Cliff Stoll shared his thoughts on the future of the World Wide Web with Newsweek. In short, he suspected it didn’t really have one. Ironically, that scathing opinion piece on what a waste the ‘Net was and evermore resurfaces now and again — on the Internet — for “can you believe that?” laughs. It popped up once more this week, gave me pause and became this week’s lead Searchlight item.

Sure, it’s a funny read now. But there’s also a lesson here that’s especially pertinent at this rife-with-predictions time of year. We’re so bombarded with what’s coming next and hype about the big new technology that will save us all that it’s easy to sour on the whole scene. But beware, being too dismissive of what’s new could cause you more harm than becoming good for a viral giggle.

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