SnapLogic is a software company that offers cloud integration products to allow customers to connect cloud-based data and applications with on-premise and cloud-based business systems. The products are designed to allow even business users with limited technology skills to access and integrate data from different sources.

SnapLogic encapsulates integration task complexity with “Snaps” to convert integration tasks and subtasks into modular, pluggable pieces of logic. Here’s how SnapLogic explains Snaps: “A Snap can perform as simple a task as reading data from a file, or as complex an operation as connecting to an instance of, analyzing the source data, and providing full access (data and functionality) to all standard and custom objects within” Modularity makes Snaps portable and reusable in a variety of systems to facilitate integration.

The SnapLogic Integration Cloud allows for all types of integration – batch, real-time, and streaming. It is delivered as a multi-tenant cloud service, designed to handle any variety, volume, velocity (3Vs) and location of data.

The SnapLogic Integration Cloud includes:

  • Snaplex: A self-upgrading execution network that streams data between applications, databases, files, social and big data sources. When running in the cloud, the Snaplex is able to scale up and down elastically based on the volume of data being processed or the latency requirements of the integration flow. The Snaplex can be configured to run on-premises while integrating on-premise systems.
  • SnapLogic Designer: An HTML5-based product for the creation of integration workflows (called pipelines), which are sequences of Snaps connected to serve a purpose. Snaps can be connected through a visual drag-and-drop interface with no coding required.
  • SnapLogic Manager: An interface for the management of projects, accounts and connections, providing cluster management, job scheduling, failover, notification and alerting. 
  • SnapLogic Monitoring Dashboard: An interface for local or remote monitoring of the  performance of integration workloads. The Monitoring Dashboard is available in a browser and on mobile devices such as the iPad, allowing for complete remote visibility into real-time and scheduled bulk integrations.
  • SnapStore: An online marketplace where a collection of downloadable Snaps have been made available by SnapLogic and its partners. Independent software vendors (ISV) can sell their own Snaps through the SnapStore.

SnapLogic was founded in 2006. The company headquarters are in San Mateo, California.


This was last updated in January 2014

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