Nintex Sign

Nintex Sign is a native electronic signature capability that is powered by Adobe Sign. Public and private sector organizations can usethe Nintex Sign platform to streamline or automate paper-based workflows that require signatures. This includes legal documents, invoices and sales paperwork. The Nintex Sign platform is designed to meet security, privacy and regulatory compliance requirements across multiple industries.

After being integrated into the Nintex Platform, users can create signature-based workflows that trigger automation before, during or after a signature event. For example, e-signatures can be added to any workflow that requires a sign-off for contract approval. Once the electronic signature request has been added, users can monitor the document status during all stages or updates. When complete, the signed document can be archived automatically to multiple end points.

Benefits of Nintex Sign

About a quarter of business workflows require a signature, making a product like Nintex Sign advantageous to implement for most organizations. Some benefits include:

  • Automated signature-based workflows that can be completed in a few clicks.
  • Requests for signatures can be sent and fulfilled across a variety of devices, such as smartphones or tablets.
  • Reduced contract signing, tracking and archiving time.
  • Pricing is based on transactions rather than users, allowing organizations to only pay for what is used.
  • Can be integrated into existing ERP or CRM business systems.
  • Reduced legal, security and business risks with an improved compliance standard.
This was last updated in February 2019

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