Solodev launches CMS to target medium-sized businesses

Solodev DCX 9.0 targets medium-sized businesses with its scalability. The cloud-first CMS features collaboration tools, flexible pricing and automation.

Solodev launched Solodev DCX 9.0, its enterprise content management system and customer experience platform for AWS. Designed for the cloud, Solodev DCX 9.0 enables organizations to build, deploy, manage and distribute content.

Solodev, a content management vendor, claims that version 9.0 brings new tools, capabilities and support for developers and marketers that will make it easy to move to the cloud, give more choice to customers and redefine how users design and deploy digital customer experiences.

Updates to Solodev DCX include advanced productivity tools, expanded orchestration for DevOps, a library of new digital marketing integrations, new procurement options backed by AWS and a managed service option. According to the vendor, the Solodev content management system (CMS) will also automate the migration, publishing, launching and operational governance around websites and digital experiences.

New capabilities and features included in Solodev DCX 9.0 include the following, intended to aid development and scaling of digital customer experience applications:

  • Inclusion of essential code, resources and training to design and deploy customer experiences at scale enables Solodev to extend collaboration across an entire organization.
  • Expansion of orchestration for DevOps -- including Amazon Linux, AWS CloudFormation, AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate and Amazon Elastic Container Service for Docker -- facilitate scaling and automation of applications.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing starts from $1.25 per hour with no long-term contracts.
  • Digital marketing integrations span a variety of brands across different markets, such as Salesforce, Adobe, SEMrush, Siteimprove and GatherContent.
  • A new UI eliminates the need for complex user training.

Solodev markets DCX 9.0 with a focus on scalability and flexible pricing options, in hopes of reaching customers in the gap between SMEs and large enterprises.

Smaller CMS platforms, like WordPress, Wix and HubSpot, are suitable for startups or personal use but lack deeper tracking and analytical features businesses may need as they grow; enterprise-grade systems, like Adobe Experience Manager and Sitecore Experience Platform offer more capabilities but may be too expensive or complex to operate for medium-sized businesses.

In February, Solodev was included in the launch of the AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency. Certified vendors are expected to follow best practices for building secure and efficient cloud infrastructure.

Solodev earlier stated that earning AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency certification was a precursor to using Amazon Personalize, which is only available in preview to some AWS partners.

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