Multipronged digital customer experience strategy enriches CX

Last updated:June 2019

Editor's note

It's rare that a day goes by when someone doesn't access technology in some form -- be it a computer, tablet, cellphone or wearable device. And with each gadget comes a different digital experience.

Businesses strive to create superior, user-friendly digital experiences that engage and retain customers, but a clunky digital experience can send those customers running to a competitor.

This guide explores platforms and strategies that businesses can follow to devise and manage a customized digital customer experience strategy geared to user needs and wants and a more satisfying and beneficial CX.

1Creating a sound digital customer experience strategy

Businesses need a strong digital experience strategy to keep customers engaged. Read some tips and tricks here.

2Digital experience's impact on customers

A digital experience strategy -- good or bad -- can greatly influence customer engagement and retention. See what some brands are doing to drive customer experience.

3Digital experience platforms and their uses

Learn about some digital experience platforms and how businesses use them in a number of ways, including e-commerce, banking and wearable consumer devices.

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