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SharePoint workflow management: The little engine that could?

SharePoint BPM may be overshadowed by other BPM platforms, but its workflow management can bring efficiencies at a lower cost than its rivals.

Many organizations that use SharePoint for purposes like content management and collaboration may overlook SharePoint's BPM features -- and they could be ignoring time and cost savings, as well.

Scott Robinson, a SharePoint and business intelligence (BI) expert, sat down with SearchContentManagement to discuss how SharePoint workflow management can become a part of a business process management (BPM) strategy.

"All these [BPM] platforms get a lot of press and a lot of play, and boast about having big enterprise-wide features, and SharePoint looks like the little engine that can't," Robinson said. "On a lot of levels, that's unfair."

While SharePoint's workflow engine may seem small in comparison to the BPM powerhouses that offer high-level business process development, SharePoint can introduce efficiencies at a lower cost, and with a gentler learning curve. SharePoint's integration with Microsoft Office also makes it a solid tool for local, team-oriented business process improvement.

"It's not as powerful as using the other brands' big BPM platforms, but it does get you there, and it gets you there a lot cheaper," Robinson said.

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