Quiz: Test your knowledge of information governance best practices

This quiz on information governance best practices tests the knowledge of IT and business pros involved in planning or managing information governance programs based on our interactive classroom.

As more and more unstructured data is stored electronically in corporate systems, information governance is becoming an increasingly critical component of effective content and data management processes. To help organizations succeed in this still-evolving area, our interactive classroom on information governance best practices provides a range of advice on how to set up and manage governance programs.     

Now that you’ve read Chris Maxcer’s article on proving the value of information governance and listened to our webcast and podcast with Barclay Blair, it’s time to test your knowledge. Take the short quiz below to see how well you’ve done in Information Governance 101. It’s designed to test what you’ve learned about structuring, implementing and measuring the success of information governance programs. You’ll also find some additional information governance reading recommendations at the bottom of the page.

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