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Quiz: Test your knowledge of digital asset management

DAM systems help marketing teams manage the multimedia content they work with every day. With this quiz, test your knowledge of digital asset management.

As organizations increasingly rely on rich media assets like images and videos to achieve their business goals, digital asset management systems can help them store, organize, manage and protect these files.

Consumers in the digital era expect content that goes beyond text. For instance, online retailers need quality photos and demonstration videos of their products. Also, marketers can build customer trust and boost audience engagement with promotional videos and weekly podcasts. Digital asset management (DAM) systems offer a centralized place for organizations to store this content so marketing and creative teams can easily access their assets.

These systems use APIs to integrate with other tools, like editing and sales software, which can streamline workflows. As sales teams often send marketing content to their customers and leads, a DAM system can integrate with an organization's CRM platform to give agents access to up-to-date marketing content.

DAM systems also offer access control and digital rights management features to help organizations protect their assets. Access controls let administrators limit content access to individuals with special credentials and digital rights management features can prevent unauthorized users from using copyrighted content.

Tech buyers can find many DAM systems on the market, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Before buyers make a purchase, they must identify their organization's specific goals so they can choose the right product for their business.

The following quiz can help buyers test their knowledge of DAM system basics.

Editor's note: This digital asset management quiz was originally written by Melanie Luna in 2013, and then updated and expanded by Tim Murphy in 2022.

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