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How can I maximize the Salesforce-Google Cloud integration?

Find out four new ways to make the most of the Google and Salesforce integration, including updates to the Salesforce data connector for Google Sheets.

What was the Salesforce data connector update announced recently? What else is new with the Google apps and Salesforce integration?

The Salesforce-Google Cloud partnership, announced in 2017, is a strategic maneuver to advance Salesforce in the CRM market by radically boosting its customer engagement functionality. Connecting Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Google Analytics 360 provides considerable savings in time and effort, while simplifying sales and marketing processes for the enterprise.

A year in, the Salesforce-Google Cloud team-up is producing a growing string of useful benefits. Four new productivity features were recently unveiled:

  • Gmail inbox . A Chrome extension now marries native Gmail and Salesforce Inbox intelligence.
  • Lightning object creator . This turns a Google sheet into a Salesforce app.
  • Salesforce data connector . Google Cloud has bridged the Google Sheetsadd-on for Salesforce availability.
  • Google Sheets for Salesforce . The Salesforce data connector now opens a Salesforce list view in a Google Sheet, embeddable in the Salesforce UI.

Other benefits from this Salesforce-Google Cloud merger include embedded Salesforce access for Google Cloud users, and the G Suite for free to Salesforce customers.

G Suite has added a news Google Sheets add-on -- the
Data connector for Salesforce.

In short, Salesforce now comes closer to realizing with Google the preferred cloud partnership it had hoped for with Microsoft . Mutual users are the beneficiaries with these productivity and ease-of-use gains, and ubiquitous embedded AI just around the corner.

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