How do you define flow out calls?

Call center expert Lori Bocklund answers a reader who's using Avaya reports and is wondering about flow out calls, and whether they are the sum of abandoned and blocked calls.

I'm reading a monthly call center report produced by Avaya BCMS Vu software. I am having trouble understanding some of the terms, specifically the "flow out calls." I thought that flow out calls was the sum of abandoned and blocked calls, but the figures say differently. On this report, the number of flow out calls is much bigger than the sum of abandoned and blocked calls. What else could this number represent?

I would suggest you get Avaya's data dictionary to address this question for certain. Generally "flow out" includes calls that do not get answered in the queue/skill that they originally queue to. So, for example, if you have a vector checking a backup skill and the call is answered in the backup, it would count as a "flow out" call.

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