Infor launches new CRM mobile app for CloudSuite

Meeting mobile needs is key for Infor, which just released its Infor CloudSuite CRM Mobile application for iOS users. The app will provide access to important information on the go.

Infor CloudSuite CRM is now available on the go, as Infor recently announced a mobile version of the customer relationship management program.

Infor CloudSuite CRM Mobile was designed by Infor's in-house design agency Hook & Loop. Users will be able to see information such as events, contacts, notes and reminders from mobile devices all in one place, rather than seeking information from a variety of applications.

It will also integrate Infor CRM with iOS functionalities such as contacts, meetings, directions and analytics from core product and Apple 3D Touch, Apple Maps and the iOS Quick Look file previewer. According to Infor, the goal with this app is to provide a simple interface for on-the-move sales professionals.

The CloudSuite CRM program is part of Infor's Customer Experience suite, and Infor claims that adding the mobile option will help sales professionals seize opportunities in real time based on insights by the application. Infor also said that it will increase active selling time by encouraging sales teams to be more proactive.

Mobile has been a driving force in the CRM industry, and companies have been working to catch up. Creating a mobile version of CRM software requires a stripped-down menu that requires fewer actions. In February, Salesforce partnered with Apple to better integrate its software development kit with iOS so that developers can build native Salesforce apps that are ideal for iOS and Swift, Apple's programming language. Making Salesforce CRM software easier to use on mobile is at the center of the partnership.

Infor CloudSuite CRM Mobile is currently available in the Apple App Store and will be available for Android devices in late 2019.

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