Virtualization and management classroom 201 quiz

This brief quiz on server virtualization tests your knowledge of virtualization platforms, management tools and virtualized infrastructure performance.

This quiz allows you to test your knowledge of server virtualization and covers virtualization platforms, management tools and virtualization infrastructure performance.

1. Hyper-V R2 started catching up with vSphere with the addition of which of the following?


2. VSphere 4.0 and XenServer 5.5 both meet 100% of the Burton Group's "required" evaluation criteria for enterprise-ready platforms, but Hyper-V R2 meets less than which percentage?

3. Limiting the amount of different virtualization management tools in a data center is important because you want to do which of the following?

4. Which of the following is not a virtualization management tool that can help manage a larger number of servers?

5. When configuring your virtual environment ______ are typically the biggest and most important configuration steps.

6. With a virtualized data center, administrators must learn to balance the computing demands of: which of the following?

7. Which of the following is not a problem that results from virtualization?

8. When server virtualization first came about, many servers used only ______ of their available resources.

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