IBM Think 2019 coverage: Spotlight on data and AI analytics

Last updated:February 2019

Editor's note

Like other top IT vendors, IBM has made AI and advanced analytics a cornerstone of its technology strategy, along with the data management systems that drive analytics applications. Data and AI analytics will also be at the heart of the IBM Think 2019 conference in San Francisco.

AI tools in particular are getting a big push from IBM and rivals. Whether the hype matches current enterprise IT reality remains to be seen. In a recent Q&A, Babson College IT professor Tom Davenport said he thinks AI "will be revolutionary in the long run, but it's pretty evolutionary in the short run."

IBM will make the case for its AI and analytics technologies at Think 2019. Follow our coverage of the event here.

1Analytics and AI technology developments

The launch of the Watson cognitive computing system early this decade signaled an expansion of IBM's analytics strategy in general and an increased focus on AI technologies in particular. This section covers new developments in data and AI analytics at IBM Think 2019 as well as related steps and planned initiatives.

2Data management technologies and issues

As analytics becomes more central to business decision-making in companies, new data management technologies -- and challenges -- are emerging. This section examines some of those technologies and the evolving issues faced by data management teams, including changes in data architecture and data governance processes.

3General AI, analytics and data management trends

In addition to tracking what happens at IBM Think 2019 involving Big Blue's products, analytics and data management teams need to know about broader technology and deployment trends. This section features emerging technologies and processes that are expected to play a bigger part in AI, analytics and data management during 2019.

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