E-Handbook: Mating season for SaaS financials and business processes Article 1 of 4

SaaS financial app integration creates synergy among modules

There's growing recognition in the ERP market that core accounting and financial planning applications often motivate a company's transition to SaaS and the cloud.

The added flexibility provided by SaaS, including the ability to quickly implement and integrate SaaS financials with other crucial business modules like HR and supply chain, is attractive to organizations seeking to gain greater insight into their own business seamlessly. As such, companies often approach integration with a focus on synergy among different parts of their business; for example, financials can take employee data from HR to determine skills shortages or ascertain accurate employee head counts.

But integrating SaaS financials isn't without challenges. Deciding which applications to integrate can be the easy part, yet how to do that effectively is often overlooked. While lower-level technologies like APIs may be useful for smaller businesses that require a minimal amount of integrations, organizations with more complex needs should consider integration platforms that enable connections to multiple data sources.

The three features in this handbook will examine not only which business processes can benefit the most from integrating with SaaS financial applications but also the best way to handle implementation.