Prisma is a cloud security suite that provides four different services that use rule-based security policies and machine learning to protect  cloud services. This suite can be used on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud Platforms

Prisma can recommend configurations across an organization's cloud environment to help ensure the security of an organization's cloud-based application. Prisma can recognize cloud configurations that leave security vulnerabilities as well as identify network threats, malware, data leakage and suspicious user behavior. Organizations using Prisma should be able to securely connect on-site and mobile users to a cloud service while simultaneously allowing each user to develop and deploy cloud applications.

Operations and security teams can use Prisma, making it a good fit for organizations that use DevOps or develop applications in the cloud. The security suite can also be useful to organizations that currently use separate cloud security tools that are not designed to work with each other efficiently.

Presented by Palo Alto Networks, the goal of Prisma is to simplify access, application security and data protection by providing four platforms in one suite. This suite is built on other Palo Alto Networks cloud security products.

Components of Prisma

Prisma consists of four main platforms, Prisma Access, Prisma Cloud, Prisma SaaS and VM-Series.

  • Prisma Access is a service that is used to secure contact with the cloud. It utilizes a cloud-native architecture and is made to scale. Prisma Access also provides a cloud management user interface (UI) which can be used to onboard branches and users. Rapid provisioning of secure outbound internet connectivity is also provided by Prisma Access.
  • Prisma Cloud is what provides users with visibility and security as well as compliance monitoring for multi-cloud systems. Prisma Public Cloud can also help detect vulnerabilities as well as identify improper infrastructure-as-code (IAC) configurations. It uses machine learning to assess security risks.
  • Prisma SaaS is a software as a service (SaaS) platform and a cloud access security broker service. Prisma SaaS is what provides risk discovery, data loss prevention, behavior-based security, compliance assurance, and threat prevention.
  • VM-Series is a virtualized version of Palo Alto Networks' next-generation firewall. VM-Series works by using infrastructure-as-code automation in configuring and deployments. It is made to operate in both private and public clouds.


This was last updated in August 2019

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