enterprise-mobile integration (EMI)

  Enterprise-mobile integration (EMI) is a form of fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) that provides integration between communications carriers and enterprise networks. There are three major aspects to EMI: database synchronization, enterprise messaging and Web services.

In database synchronization, information is exchanged among one or more mobile databases and a single central database. This exchange facilitates the most efficient possible information transfer from the data center to mobile devices. The amount of transmitted data is kept to a minimum by sending each mobile device only the information required by it. Communications can be encrypted and carried out using any common protocol or conducted through servers, firewalls or anti-malware programs. In enterprise messaging, data is exchanged among devices that employ multiple communications technologies. Messages can be transmitted into the enterprise database from the mobile devices, as well as from the enterprise database to the mobile devices. Web Services allow diverse applications to interact using HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) or WSDL (Web Services Description Language).

EMI offers several significant benefits. Each subscriber is assigned a single, unique work telephone number that can be used from fixed as well as mobile locations. This feature eliminates the need for checking multiple voice mail systems or remembering multiple telephone numbers. Liability for the use and maintenance of work-related accounts can be taken over by the enterprise. If desired, separate personal numbers can be assigned for which users assume individual responsibility. Call routing allows users to place long-distance calls without the need for dialing cumbersome access numbers.

The main drawback of EMI is the fact that it requires significant up-front investments in hardware and software. EMI can also be technically sophisticated, requiring expert engineering and administration. Once these hurdles have been overcome, EMI can offer long-term cost savings for the enterprise and convenience for its personnel.

The acronym EMI also stands for electromagnetic interference.

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