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One of the best resources offers is our collection of learning guides. They're a perfect education tool for the beginner who's just getting started with Oracle or the seasoned professional looking to attain expert status. We've gathered all our Oracle tutorials here in one invaluable list that you can return to again and again whenever you need a helping hand.

If you're looking for Oracle tutorials, look no further. One of the best resources we offer here at is our collection of learning guides -- original, in-depth tutorials on everything Oracle. These educational tools are great for the beginner who's just getting started with the Oracle database or applications, as well as the seasoned professional looking to attain expert status. Now, we've gathered all our learning guides here in one invaluable list that you can return to again and again whenever you need a helping hand.

Fast guide to finding and keeping an Oracle job: Looking for your first Oracle DBA or developer job? Concerned about the future of your current position? You're not alone! With the IT market becoming increasingly competitive, it can be difficult to find a job or keep the one you've got. We know how time-consuming it can be to find relevant career information, so we've gathered some valuable Oracle-related resources for you.

Fast guide: Becoming an Oracle Certified Professional: Whether you're an Oracle newbie or a self-proclaimed guru, getting an Oracle Certified Professional seal of approval may still be your key to staying afloat in a tough economy. This fast guide is designed to give you expert technical advice on where to begin your certification studies, passing the final exam and putting your certification into effect in the workplace.

Fast guide: PL/SQL: This fast guide links you to PL/SQL tips, expert responses and resources on and from around the Web. It can help both newbies and veterans become better acquainted with Oracle's procedural language extension to the structured query language (SQL) and hone their developer skills.

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Fast guide: Solving common Oracle errors: Stumped by an Oracle error? We've compiled a list of every expert response pertaining to Oracle errors on You've already asked the questions, now find the answers quickly and easily in this guide.

Exporting Oracle data: Exporting data is a common task for an Oracle DBA, but not necessarily a straightforward one. In this compilation of questions and answers, Oracle experts Eli Leiba, Karen Morton and Brian Peasland explain how it's done, with step-by-step instructions and example scripts, and talk about what can and cannot be exported.

Importing into Oracle:'s resident Oracle experts Karen Morton and Brian Peasland guide users through some importing tips and techniques, such as how to load text files without SQL*Loader, importing a dump multiple times, importing from different versions and more.

Learning guide: Database storage management: Backup and recovery is arguably the DBA's most important responsibility. This storage management guide covers everything from the basics of creating a backup and recovery plan to the specifics of using RMAN and other methods of hot and cold backups.

Learning guide: Data warehousing and business intelligence: The goal of business intelligence (BI) technologies is to turn data into knowledge in order to improve business performance. Easier said than done! Whether you're looking for in-depth BI and data warehousing (DW) advice and analysis, or just need to learn the basics, you've come to the right place.

Learning guide: Oracle and open source: This guide includes news and analysis on Oracle's open source developments and tactics and its partnership with Linux, as well as tips and advice for deploying Oracle products on the Linux operating system.

NEW! All-in-one guide: Oracle on Linux: A collection of tips, expert advice and news analysis about implementing Oracle database management systems on the Linux platform as well as coverage of Oracle's Linux strategy.

Learning guide: Oracle applications: This guide focuses on Oracle's role in the enterprise applications space, with analysis and tips on Oracle's acquisitions, Project Fusion, E-Business Suite and more.

Learning guide: Oracle security: Keeping data and systems secure is a must for any Oracle DBA. Beyond patching known security flaws, there is a great deal a DBA can do to protect Oracle DBMSs and applications from security breaches, both from inside and outside your organization. This guide covers a wide variety of topics on many aspects of Oracle security to help you lock down your data.

Learning guide: Performance tuning: Performance tuning is a never-ending task for the DBA, and this learning guide can help newbies and experts establish a smart approach to tuning, use and interpret Oracle's tuning utilities and identify specific problem areas.

Learning guide: RDBMS fundamentals: New to database administration or development? Here is a quick guide that can get you started in the right direction by providing background on the relational model and practical advice for working with relational database management systems (RDBMS).

Learning guide: SQL: Whether you're new to Oracle or a seasoned expert looking to tweak query performance, this learning guide to the structured query language (SQL) has something for you. This guide can help you figure out how to get the data you need by looking at solutions to real-world problems.

Oracle database tutorial: The press release announcing the shipment of Oracle 11g promised that its upgraded components provide solutions to the problems caused by rapid data growth. It also promised that the new database reduces risk and increases ROI. This tutorial offers information about Database 11g's new features, the channel's sales role and practical resources.

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