Oracle to integrate Solaris with OpenDaylight SDN framework

This news roundup covers Oracle's plan to integrate the OpenDaylight software-defined networking framework with Solaris, plus its GreenBytes purchase.

Oracle plans to release its fourth-quarter financial results on June 19 after the close of the stock markets in the U.S. The company will host a live webcast and conference call at 2:00 pm PDT that day to discuss the results. Read on to get the details on some other Oracle-related news items.

Oracle joins OpenDaylight SDN project, plans Solaris integration

Oracle announced June 5 that it has joined the OpenDaylight Project as a Silver member, the third level down in the member hierarchy. OpenDaylight is an open, community-led framework designed to accelerate the adoption of software-defined networking technology and boost SDN innovation and transparency. The collaborative, open source project is being managed by the Linux Foundation, although the framework isn't tied to Linux.

Oracle intends to integrate OpenDaylight SDN functionality into its Oracle Solaris 11.2 operating system. The company said the integration will enable Oracle customers to use Solaris' virtualization and application-driven SDN features with OpenDaylight-compatible technologies. In addition, Oracle said customers will be able to set up application-to-disk service-level agreements with pluggable databases and Java, and manage cloud-based SDN systems and applications via the OpenStack distribution built into Solaris.

Acquisition of ZFS technology vendor GreenBytes closes

Oracle acquiredGreenBytes Inc. on June 2, less than a month after announcing an agreement to buy the Providence, Rhode Island-based company. GreenBytes provides a wide range of desktop virtualization storage optimization tools; however, Oracle's primary interest in GreenBytes is its ZFS technology. Oracle said it intends to use GreenBytes' software to enhance its ZFS Storage Appliance products.

GreenBytes' claim to fame in the world of ZFS is ZEVO, an implementation of the file system and logical volume manager that supports Apple's Mac OS X operating system. Oracle has also expressed interest in GreenBytes' deduplication, replication and virtualization capabilities.

Oracle upgrades registry application for mobile phones

The Oracle Communications EAGLE system is a signaling platform designed for mobile communications service providers. It helps mobile network operators with intelligent routing, screening services, number portability, registration of phone ID numbers and integrated platform and service management, according to Oracle.

On June 3, Oracle released a new version of EAGLE's Equipment Identity Register component that adds device registration support for long-term evolution (LTE) phones. The upgraded tool also now connects to the Information and Communication Technologies Authority's Central Equipment Identity Registry and allows communications service providers to temporarily or permanently disable phones that have been reported lost or stolen across multiple mobile networks. Oracle's hope is that the disabling capability will reduce incentivizes for phone theft.

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