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How does design thinking with SAP help Fiori development?

SAP Fiori is more than a new UI for SAP applications; it's a comprehensive UX development platform. Gavin Quinn tells why design thinking enables you to build great Fiori apps.

SAP Fiori is much more than just a new UI for SAP. Unlike previous initiatives to address the SAP user experience,...

such as Web Dynpro, SAP Fiori is a comprehensive strategy that includes not just a technology component with SAPUI5, but also design guidelines, as well as thousands of out-of-the-box apps.

But even with this new strategy, SAP application developers are still likely to get poor results if applications are still designed with traditional Waterfall methods. Therefore, new methods are needed to craft a UX strategy, and there is no better approach than design thinking with SAP.

A design thinking methodology is vital for creating great new UX with empathy for the user at its core.
Gavin QuinnMindset Consulting

A design thinking methodology is vital for creating great new UX with empathy for the user at its core. Instead of having analysts gather requirements, designers observe real users and identify needs and insights. Instead of writing specifications, designers build prototypes. Instead of waiting for months for development to complete and having analysts test the prototype, everyone tests the prototype immediately and repeatedly. And by using a design thinking method with SAP, instead of hoping that you got the design right the first time, several iterations are done in succession until all parties -- end users, business, IT, designers -- are ready to jump in and build with high confidence.

After having personally conducted over 100 design thinking sessions and seeing the tremendous impact that it has had on the hundreds of thousands of users of these applications, I guarantee that using design thinking method with SAP will greatly improve the SAP Fiori UX for SAP applications. It enables you to connect the applications with real people, solve real problems and then see the real results. This, in turn, means that Fiori app development projects that use a design thinking methodology will be much more successful.

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