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What are some key SuccessFactors onboarding capabilities?

Onboarding is critical to employee experience and a company's reputation as a talent destination. Learn about SuccessFactors functionality to help improve this important process.

SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding is meant to help create a positive introduction to a new job.

After accepting a job offer, a new employee is exposed to the inner workings of a company and this crucial time either helps boost or detracts from the overall employee experience. There are other critical aspects and junctures of an employee journey, such as transitioning to a new job within the same company or leaving a company. That's why SuccessFactors Onboarding has an array tools to help.

Here are a few of the most important.

Employee Portal

The Employee Portal is the primary interface with the SuccessFactors system. It offers a personalized screen where an employee can access information about the new company and get notifications of to-dos. It also lists the processes and documents the employee needs to complete as part of the onboarding process.

Pre-Day 1 Access

A "Pre-Day 1 Access" functionality is available so that new hires who haven't yet started can access the Employee Portal.


The crossboarding tool is meant to help employees make a smoother and easier transition to a new role within the company.


The offboarding function enables HR and executives to understand why employees are leaving and give them a good experience that may tempt them back at a later date. It is meant to also help give employees a good feeling that they can share with friends and other prospective future employees.


One strong area of SuccessFactors Onboarding is the predelivered forms and localizations, such as tax forms, compliance documents and basics such as date formats and translations. Currently the system provides localizations for the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, India and Canada. For the U.S., Onboarding also supports E-Verify integration. Administrators can configure custom forms and processes during implementation.


The SuccessFactors mobile app supports actions such as signing documents via DocuSign and displaying information such as the specific SuccessFactors Onboarding program created for the employee, peers, what to bring and office locations.

Document Center

The Online Center storage system allows easy storage and search of any employee-related onboarding documents that have been completed and signed. Documents can be purged when they no longer need to be stored, and bulk upload and download options also exist.

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