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What can employees do with the SuccessFactors mobile app?

Self-service SuccessFactors features for employees and managers are numerous, and learning tools, including online course downloading, will run on some Android and iOS devices.

The SAP SuccessFactors mobile application enables employees to perform a variety of HR and talent management activities...

while away from a desktop or laptop computer.

For employees who work in factories and maybe don't have access to a computer, or field-based employees, the SuccessFactors mobile app offers the ability to access key self-service and job-based processes and applications from their smartphones. With upwards of 80% of employees using a smartphone, according to CareerBuilder, and 34% of employees seeing a productivity increase due to smartphone use, according to a survey by analyst firm Frost & Sullivan and smartphone maker Samsung, it makes sense to look at what mobile applications can do to help your business.

The SuccessFactors mobile app extends the capabilities of the SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite for users who want a mobile HR self-service experience. As you might expect, the SuccessFactors mobile app offers core self-service functionality, like approvals, self-service data changes, org charts and training, plus the capabilities listed below. The software runs on Android 5.0 and later or Apple iOS 10.0 and later.

Employees can use the SuccessFactors mobile app to perform a variety of activities -- depending on what modules are implemented in SuccessFactors -- including the following:

  • View the org chart.
  • Search for and view the profile of colleagues.
  • Perform employee self-service actions on their profile data (some v12 Profile changes were not possible for Android users at the time this was written in late 2017).
  • Complete, edit and submit a time sheet.
  • Enter and submit a time-off request.
  • View pay slips.
  • Go through new hire onboarding.
  • Learning activities:
    • View learning assignments.
    • Search for courses in the Learning Catalog.
    • Register or withdraw from classes.
    • Add or remove self-assigned courses.
    • Download and complete content offline (only available on iOS devices).
    • Review learning history and download completion certificates.

In addition, managers and HR professionals are able to perform these additional activities:

  • View information and status of reports.
  • Manage team.
  • Make employee data changes.
  • Award spot bonuses.
  • Perform various types of approvals, including:
    • employee self-service data changes;
    • time-off requests;
    • spot bonus requests;
    • job requisition and job offer approvals; and
    • learning course enrollments.
    • Perform candidate interview assessments.
    • Add, edit or remove goals from goal plans.
    • Complete and sign performance reviews.
    • Provide ratings and comments for goals and competencies in Multi-Rater 360 forms.
    • Decline to participate in a Multi-Rater 360 review.

Managers and HR professionals using an Apple iOS device can also perform the following activities:

  • Award compensation rewards to their employees.
  • Create onboarding lists of tasks and colleagues to meet for new hires (only available on iPad).
  • View analytics about team performance, pay, goal alignment and goal status.
  • View end-of-period headcount analytics for a particular group.
  • Learning activities:
    • Create QuickGuides (only available on iPhone).
    • Enable management of courses by course instructors (only available on iPad).
    • Test new content (only available on iPad).

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