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Which SAP Activate tools can I use for an S/4HANA Cloud implementation?

SAP Activate's implementation tools for S/4HANA Cloud, such as Self-Service Configuration, Expert Configuration, Solution Builder and Solution Manager, can help guide you to success.

CIOs and project managers responsible for implementing SAP S/4HANA Cloud will want to look to SAP Activate implementation...

tools for help.

As SAP is following the cloud-first approach for SAP HANA, it's no surprise that four of SAP Activate's implementation tools are available for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, compared to only two for on-premises. SAP Activate is an agile implementation methodology, and it is a successor to the ASAP (Accelerated SAP) methodology. It leverages SAP Best Practices and SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions and consists of accelerators, templates, checklists and project management deliverables. It also accelerates SAP implementations by cutting the phases down from five to four.

Here's a look at four Activate tools to use when doing an SAP S/4HANA Cloud implementation.

Self-Service Configuration

This tool consists of sample configurations and sample data to facilitate running business processes and conducting fit-gap analysis during SAP Activate's explore phase. It leverages the SAP Fiori user interface to facilitate changes to available configurations to meet specific business requirements. This obviates the need to use the cumbersome and complex configuration transaction SAP Project Reference Object, which has confusing menu paths and infinite configuration options.

The only caveat with Self-Service Configuration is that it does not allow for changes to business process flows, such as order-to-cash or procure-to-pay. That's when the Expert Configuration tool comes in handy.

Expert Configuration

This tool enables SAP consultants to not only make changes to the standard available configurations of existing business processes and SAP Best Practices, but also to build business processes that are specific to a company's business needs. For example, configuring a business process to enable multiple people to purchase expensive assets, known as release strategy, is possible only with this tool. Similarly, this tool enables end-to-end configuration of new order types to specific production processes in the textile industry, such as spinning, weaving, bleaching or dyeing.

SAP Solution Builder

This tool enables the logical and sequential import and implementation of business-relevant SAP Best Practices provided for SAP Activate for SAP S/4HANA. As SAP is a highly integrated system, it requires that system configuration be undertaken in a specific sequence, while also ensuring the associated dependent configuration (known as building blocks) required to run business processes are also in place. Further, it helps ensure the correct master data is in place, which is required to simulate and test business processes in S/4HANA.

SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager 7.2, which supports the SAP Activate implementation approach, can be used as a project management tool. It consists of templates, checklists and testing tools required during S/4HANA implementation. It's also possible to make changes to SAP Best Practices, and to document them in Solution Manager using SAP Business Process Model and Notation. In other words, Solution Manager consolidates all of the project management activities and process modeling in a single system.

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