SAP Basis training tutorial

This guide gives you best practices for SAP Basis administration, shows you pitfalls to avoid and provides Basis troubleshooting advice.

This SAP Basis training tutorial answers your questions on the basics (What is SAP Basis?) to the advanced (such...

as Basis configuration and customization). This tutorial is geared to end users of SAP Basis in live SAP environments, but can also be used by those looking to build their Basis administration skills to pursue SAP Basis jobs or consulting engagements. CIOs, IT administrators, IT specialists, functional consultants and technical consultants can use this tutorial to gain an understanding of the features, benefits and drawbacks of SAP Basis.


  • SAP Basis training tutorial
  • SAP Basis administration tips and tricks: Transports, tables, SAPGUI
  • More functions in SAP Basis: Transactions, security, copying, printing
  •  SAP Basis support, SAP Basis jobs and SAP administration books

What is SAP Basis?

Basis, as evidenced by its name, is a foundational part of SAP systems. However, it's difficult to answer the question of what exactly SAP Basis is because of its many different components. Let's start at the beginning. This definition of SAP Basis lays out the basics. Basis consists of the following components:

  • Client/server architecture and configuration: This is the technical foundation of both SAP and Basis.
  • A relational database management system (RDBMS): Basis overlaps with many aspects of traditional database administration.
  • A graphical user interface (GUI): The GUI is the interface through which the Basis administrator interacts with SAP systems.
  • A development environment: This is where Basis development takes place.
  • A data dictionary: Data dictionaries are an indispensable part of the development process.
  • User and system administration and monitoring tools: These allow the Basis administrator to maintain the integrity and performance of SAP systems and address user concerns along the way.

Understanding what these components are, and how they function together, is key to being able to answer the question what is SAP Basis?

Resources for SAP Basis administrators

SAP software is used by a wide variety of people, from truck drivers uploading delivery information to IT specialists in data centers. In SAP Basis, though, the only regular end users are SAP Basis administrators. There are two sets of resources for SAP Basis administrators, based on experience. If you're just getting started in this role, our resident SAP Basis expert can answer any question you'd like. It can be difficult to anticipate all the questions a Basis beginner might have, so the best approach is to start by asking any questions that this guide doesn't answer.

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For SAP Basis administrators with some experience, it can help to take a structured approach to troubleshooting Basis problems or running through checklists of Basis tasks and challenges. (That's the purpose of subsequent sections of this guide.) But before you start tackling specific challenges, it's best to grow your general Basis intelligence. That's because being a good SAP Basis administrator is as much about mastering a certain kind of thinking as it is about applying specific techniques and remedies. Start by learning how to overcome Basis challenges inside and outside the box and discover how to fix Basis problems by reaching inside the database.

For example, in terms of general Basis challenges that involve being able to go outside the SAP environment, learn how to trigger jobs both inside and outside SAP, go outside the application for specific administrative tasks, obtain the SAPGUI version of all computers, and understand what makes a good Basis administrator.

As for other Basis challenges that can be solved by reaching inside the database, learn how to report logon information, gather SQL server information, get system profile parameters, and perform general troubleshooting. You can apply the kind of conceptual Basis thinking taught in these tips to many specific Basis problems.

Another way of growing your Basis intelligence is to learn as much as you can about the theoretical and technical underpinnings of the Basis components defined above, in What is SAP Basis? One good way to do this is to browse through our definitions of each component and to follow our links to related concepts and tools in order to broaden your knowledge.

Start by examining the answer to What is a client? and What is a session? These entities are fundamental to Basis, and knowing exactly what they are and how they function is integral to building your Basis intelligence. There are two more questions that you ought to be able to answer right at the outset of any form of SAP Basis training: What is an authorization? and What is a role? Conceptually related to roles is the Online Service System (OSS), which is how Basis enables provision of online access by users to a company's SAP applications and data.

Now it's time to address more advanced concepts encountered by SAP Basis administrators. Since what you see is always mediated through the SAPGUI, read What is a GUI? to understand the principles behind user interfaces. Then get into some back-end concepts by learning What is an instance? and What is a transport? Instances and transports are interrelated concepts that underlie how SAP Basis creates and moves data. Discovering the functions of tables in the context of SAP Basis will help administrators understand the connection among instances, tables and data, and prepare the way to understanding the ultimate fate of data, in What is archiving?

Since SAP Basis administration takes place in the context of operating systems, refresh your operating system knowledge by finding out more about what kernels are and understanding patching to learn how to conduct basic fixes in operating system environments.

Enabling transactions is one of the most important functions performed by SAP Basis, so it makes sense to understand Basis transactions. Meanwhile, digging deeper into security, read helpful definitions of "What is a profile?" and "What is a password?"

By going over these definitions, or simply refreshing your basic understanding of concepts that underlie Basis, you'll make the task of SAP Basis administration easier.

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